Fresh Seafood in Melbourne Delivered Daily

We take great pride in providing a smorgasbord of high quality seafood products at the best possible price.

The best dishes are created with the freshest food! When quality and freshness really count, you can rely on Tasmanian Pacific Oyster Co every time!

Our experts select only the finest seafood from the Melbourne Fishmarket and can give you great advice on what's best right now and how to prepare it.

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Tasmanian Pacific Oyster Co, is a company you can trust for fresh seafood. We are:

  • A fully HACCP certified company that operates within the guidelines of the Food Safety Act.
  • A leading promoter of Australian Aquaculture farmed products. The company is recognised as the largest Victorian distributor of quality Tasmanian (Tassal) fresh and smoked salmon.
  • An industry leader and innovator in sustainable practices and recyclable packaging



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Established for over 30 years, Tasmanian Pacific Oyester Co. is the leading the seafood industry, offering:

  • A fleet of 25, H.A.C.C.P. accredited, refrigerated vans, delivering all over Victoria.
  • 7-day service and support staff for emergency deliveries.
  • Dedicated customer service, consulting directly with chefs and establishment owners to achieve your special requirements
  • Personalised service with over 1,000 different product lines.


Buy fresh

fresh seafood, lobster, fish, oysters

When you purchase our seafood, you know you are buying the best quality, cost effective seafood in Melbourne. We are always seaching for the freshest product for you. We are also able to cater for large events,  functions, restaurants and cafés. Contact Alkis or John Christopoulos today to find out about having Tasmanian Pacific Oyster Co deliver the freshest seafood to your business. Or process seafood or oysters at your premisses.  


We have a great range of seafood all caught daily:

  • Fresh Fish Fillets  (Salmon Tassal fresh and smoked,Ocean Trout Huon fresh and smoked, King Fish Hiramasa Cleanseas, Barramundi, Flathead, sword fish, snapper, blue eye..etc)
  • Sashimi Grade Seafood   (Tuna, Salmon, Ocean Trout, King Fish, Sword Fish,.etc)
  • Oysters (Tasmanian, South Australian, Sydney,..etc)
  • Prawns (Australian, Whole, Cooked, Green,.etc)
  • Frozen Seafood  (Prawn Cuttlets, Mccain Chips, Fish Fillets,.etc)
  • Crustaceans and Shell fish (crayfish, crabs, mussels, clamms, pipis..etc)

Call Tasmanian Pacific Oyster Co today for current availability or check out our product list